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Field Service Manager for Zendesk

The Field Service Manager application is a Zendesk marketplace app installed in the ticket sidebar and allows the ability to create jobs and then assign them to teams and technicians. The job details can be shared in ticket comments and side conversation emails (if enabled on your account). Custom fields can be updated with the key job information. The custom fields will allow you to use Zendesk Explore to build reports showing job lists by customer, team, technician, status, job type, location, and date.

Please note that you do need access to the Zendesk Legacy Custom Objects as this is where all the data is stored and this application will not work without it.  The Legacy Custom Objects functionality is only available to accounts that enabled the feature prior to September 2023.


Zendesk released the new Custom Objects product that replaces the Legacy Custom Objects in 2024 which unfortunately does not work with this app.

FSM Screen Image
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