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Tech-Connect Synchroteam Integration for Zendesk

The Tech-Connect app will integrate your Synchroteam field service application with Zendesk and allow the creation, update, and synchronization of jobs. You will require a Synchroteam Field Service Management application as well which will allow you to effectively manage your workforce.

Receive a 90% discount on the monthly app subscription if you sign up for a Synchroteam subscription via one of our affiliated links. Send an email with your Synchroteam subdomain to once you registered for a free Synchroteam trial via our link and we will apply the discount to your subscription.

Synchroteam is a cloud-based field service management solution that helps businesses to efficiently manage their mobile workers. Some of the features include: dispatching, scheduling, inventory management, location tracking and reporting.

Register for a free Synchroteam trial here as a Synchroteam subscription is required for this integration to work. 


View the Synchroteam pricing options and learn more about Synchroteam here. 

Tech-Connect sidebar app for Zendesk

Tech-Connect sidebar app for Zendesk

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Installation Instructions

The following must be configured before installing the application from the Zendesk marketplace:

  • You need an active Synchroteam subscription (free Synchroteam trial here)

  • Generate the authentication key in the Synchroteam application

  • Log in to your Synchroteam portal as an administrator.

  • Click on the settings icon (gear)


  • Select the "Authentication Key" option under "Mobile and Integrations"


  • Copy the existing key if you have one or use the "Generate New Key" button to generate a new key.

  • Use a Base64 encoder to generate the token that will be used by the app.

    • This encoded token is the base64 encoded representation of: subdomain:api-key (use your Synchroteam subdomain which is the part before " Example: will use "saasguyz:token"

    • ​One option is to use the encoder found at Enter your subdomain followed by a ":" and then the API key you generated, and click encode to generate your token. See the example below:

  • Create a custom ticket field in Zendesk that will be used to capture the Synchroteam job number used to link the job to the Zendesk ticket. You will need the field ID during installation.

  • Search for the "Tech-Connect" application in the Zendesk marketplace and click "Install".

  • During the installation, you will be asked to provide the following:

  • Your Synchroteam subdomain. Only provide the subdomain part excluding the "". For, example: "" only use "acme".

  • The Synchroteam Base64 API token you generated.

  • The custom field ID from Zendesk.

  • You can set the role or group restrictions to limit access to the app.

  • You will only be billed for agents that have access to the app

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