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The full-service experience

It can be complicated to provide support across channels — but your customers don’t need to know that. The Support Suite allows your business to have natural conversations with your customers, without letting them feel what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s sophisticated enough to meet complex needs and simple enough to let you get up and running immediately.


It’s omnichannel

Be where your customers want you to be, without the stress of changing lanes. The Support Suite lets your agents work seamlessly, with a single set of tools and processes that work the same on any channel.

A customer-centric view

Zendesk is built to be open and flexible, so your team can connect all of your data sources and bring up the right information about your customers automatically. Best of all — it’s all open standards, so no one has to learn a new code language.

Flexible agent workspace

Whatever your support looks like, you can adjust Zendesk to fit your needs. From day one, your team can customize their support environment based on use case or channel. No code required.

Collaborate across teams

Give customers the most accurate answer by involving the right people in the conversation. Our products plug into your other internal tools — like Slack — to help ease the burden of an agent looking for answers.

Decide with data

Metrics matter. They help you improve team performance, understand customer needs, and all that adds up to better customer experiences. The Support Suite lets you track interactions across channels.

The price is right

Getting started doesn’t mean emptying your pockets. Get the Support Suite at just $99 per agent.

How it all comes together

The Support Suite is designed with agents in mind, putting multiple channels and relevant context all in one place. It’s a unified agent workspace — helping your teams provide a faster, more personal experience to your customers.


Live chat and messaging

Engage customers when and where they need help wiwith live chat and over popular social messaging channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Voice and SMS

For complex problems—like re-booking a flight or placing an order for ten different people—customers prefer to call for personalized support.

Self-service and knowledge base

Let customers help themselves with knowledge base content and a customized, mobile responsive help center for your business. 


Customer context

Give agents the relevant information they need to provide faster, more personalized responses.

Business rules and routing

Get the best person for the job. Apply skills-based routing to assign the right agent to the conversation, or set triggers and automations to initiate a workflow based on certain conditions.

Extend your support

Use the app marketplace to integrate with hundreds of tools or use our open and flexible CRM platform Sunshine, to connect and understand data from external sources.


Zendesk has combined all of its messaging tools and current capabilities into one comprehensive service solution: The Zendesk Suite. Deliver rich conversational experiences and more in a single package. It’s available in five different plans to accommodate any stage of growth.

Get a complete customer service solution that’s easy to use and scales with your business.

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